About Technicolor dining

Why is the blog named Technicolor dining?

Tech·ni·col·or  (tĕk′nĭ-kŭl′ər)
A trademark used for a method of making movies in color in which films sensitive to different primary colors are exposed simultaneously and are later superimposed to produce the full-color print.

I chose the term 'Technicolor dining' for several reasons. I think of dining (whether at home or in a restaurant) as an activity  that appeals to the senses. I first see what is placed before me - it will either be pleasing to my eye or it won't. The same is true for how the food smells and tastes -it will either appeal to me or not.  In my opinion food must appeal to one or more of the senses.

I  believe dining is a creative experience. The plate is to a cook what a canvas is to a painter. How the food is 'plated' (how it is arranged on the plate, on the platter, or in the bowl) and whether the arrangement is colorful, monochromatic, elaborate or plain is all part of the creative experience.

I also see my participation in dining related activities as enhancing my knowledge and exposure as well as the knowledge and  exposure of those I come into contact with.  Sometimes I engage as a solo participant or diner. Sometimes I am the sole female present. Sometimes I am the sole person of person of color present.

My focus is on having a positive experience.

Bon appeit!
Technicolor girl



  1. What a great idea! I love this blog. Presented well and very informative. JD

  2. Love your blog and your FB page. Great advice, info and yummy recipes, bur foremost so yummy for the eye. Living vicariously through you.