I appreciate you visiting Technicolor Dining and taking the time to follow me on my journey to explore all things dining related.

I started my blog after resisting the suggestions and requests of family, friends and colleagues to write about my dining related experiences  including cooking classes, beverage tasting events,  restaurant visits, and cooking at home. They wanted to know what a food tasted like, was a restaurant child friendly, would I return to a venue or recommend a venue to others. I was also asked about dining solo- was I uncomfortable dining alone, had I been  ignored by servers because I was dining alone.  Some wanted to know about my experience as a female at events where I was the only female  participant or one of a few female participants present. Still others asked me about my experience as a Woman of Color at these events and how staff and other participants/diners/attendees interacted with me.

Overall it's been a good journey. Sometimes insightful, sometimes sad, sometimes annoying, sometimes funny- but always interesting and I always learn something.

I invite you to return often and follow my journey.

Be well,
Technicolor girl

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  1. good to see you started your blog. much success to you, as someone who has dined and experienced different things with you I can only say you are more than qualified to write this blog. Continued success, and happy hunting. p.s. how about a brandy, single malt scotch and cigars reviews!. Be blessed!