07 June 2016

Technicolor dining news - June 2016

Spring in this region began on a cool and rainy note. Hopes for extended time  outdoors were washed away with the soaking rain.  After 26 consecutive days the daily rains have subsided and the temperatures are rising.  Time to get the grill ready and enjoy the fruits and vegetables of spring. It is also time for me to return to what I love - my blog. I knew had I been busy juggling work and life demands,  but it was a call from Mimi that struck me. Mimi wanted to know why I hadn't written lately and wanted a specific date when I would resume writing.

I invite you to join me as I explore:
  • making pork tenderloin ham
  • the story behind a coloring book for wine enthusiasts
  • a duck breast recipe to 
  • which restaurants will make the list when  the fourth U.S. city is featured in the Michelin Guide (do you know which city?)
  • and much more!

Are you ready?  Let's go!

Be well,
Technicolor girl

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