01 October 2016

Technicolor dining News- October 2016

Welcome to a new season!

Depending on your location,  you're experiencing the early days of Fall or Spring.  In my community, the early signs of Fall have begun to emerge - cooler  mornings,  leaves beginning to change color.  it is one of my favorite seasons because of the variety of fruits in vegetables available.

I've recently been experimenting with marinades and made a soup that will be a staple in my house during the upcoming months - just in time to begin settling in for winter.

I invite you to join me as we explore
  • peri peri sauce made from scratch
  • Chinese broccoli 
  • smoked pork loin
  • A quick and easy made from scratch  soup that is healthy and delicious
We'll also catch up on a few previously mentioned topics:
  • Canadian whisky
  • The coloring book for wine enthusiasts
  • How to make pork tenderloin ham
  • The world of Mofongo

And much more!

What are your favorite aspects of this new season? Please share them below. 

Are you ready for this leg to the journey? Let's go!

Be well,
Technicolor girl

image created by Ink+ LLC

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